Between touring and the daily joys of being a dad, Bronson spent hours upon hours producing the tracks that make up each song on the 2nd Bronson Wisconsin release, the Ugly EP. From drum machines, to weird guitar tones, to the nearly arena rock drumming by hometown friend, Josh Jenquin (Madison, WI) on the two opening tracks, “Ugly” and “Firehose”. Bronson Wisconsin is proud of their choice to write, record, mix, distribute, and tour as a self-sustaining, hard working machine following the DIY ethics instilled in them by their earliest musical influences.

Currently Bronson Wisconsin is touring as a 4 piece indie rock outfit, playing songs off of the unreleased, yet highly anticipated, “Like a Storm” LP. The live show is a unique combination of party, drama, stories, and guitar solos that will leave you wanting so much more.


“What you get in Bronson Wisconsin is honest songwriting, Midwest sensibilities, dressed up in Los Angeles style.  Keep an eye out for these guys as they are definitely going places.” – JOHN ANDERSON, ringmaster and CEO of Hunnypot Unlimited (a cutting-edge organization specializing in discovering and cultivating fresh music talent)

“In the vein of Alt-Country / Americana but definitely with some bite and some grit to it. Very earnest with a “salt of the earth” quality to it, it doesn’t hold back, and is very successful at steering clear of the overtly clean and faux americana that has taken over the ‘dad-rock’ radio market.” -KYLE KOHLER, (Stage Banter)

“Over the next hour, Bronson Wisconsin captivated The Pike faithful with 8 more amazing songs including two smoking covers, Neil Young’s “Rocking in The Free World” and a Delta Spirit’s, “Vivian”. Both songs were spot on vocally and guitarwork was unsurprisingly rock solid.  Killer way for Bronson Wisconsin to end their show in the LBC.” – MATTHEW BELTER (On Stage Review)

“For those who have yet to experience Bronson Wisconsin live, their stripped-down set is ultra-refreshing in a world where music is too often scripted and rehearsed.  I found myself captivated by Bronson’s heart-felt vocals and Preston’s amazing guitar skill, and left the show wanting to hear more from these uniquely talented brothers.” MATTHEW BELTER (On Stage Review)

“And if you listen closely to the lyrics and pay attention to their sound, you will hear some of Bronson Wisconsin’s major influences ring true within their music – Matthew Logan Vasquez’s vocal prowess and Richie Blackmore’s guitar genius.  Not bad role-models if you ask me.” MATTHEW BELTER (On Stage Review)




Asbury Park Brewery (Asbury Park, NJ) Melody Inn (Indianapolis) Hunnypot Live (LA) The Mint (LA) Pike (Long Beach) Genghis Cohen (LA) Dipiazza’s (Long Beach) New York Bagel Cafe (LA) Hippodrome Theater – Texas Music Cafe (Waco, TX) Torch Club (Sacramento) Columbia City Theater (Seattle) The Post Office (Redding, CA) The Green Tortoise (Seattle) Checkerboard Bar (Spokane, WA) Ash Street Saloon (Portland) Johnny B’s (Medford, OR) Jefferson Spirits (Medford, OR) The Hideaway (Houston) Morris Burner Hotel (Reno)  Memorial Union Terrace (Madison, WI) Chief’s (Madison, WI) Mr. Roberts (Madison, WI) High Noon Saloon (Madison, WI) Tip Top Tavern (Madison, WI) Java Cat (Madison, WI) Tip Top Tavern (Madison, WI) Angelo’s (Madison, WI) Schoolhouse of Rock (Tucson) Tractor Brewing Co. (Albuquerque) Lucky Lounge  (Austin) Hole In The Wall (Austin) Fralo’s (San Antonio) Cherrywood Coffeehouse (Austin) Boomerz (Austin) Glasbox (El Paso) Opening Bell Coffee (Dallas) (Shipping & Receiving Bar (Fort Worth, TX) Rock and Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon (Dallas, TX) Phoenix Saloon (New Braunfels, TX) Adair’s Saloon (Dallas, TX) The Garage (Fort Stockton, TX) Acadia Bar (Houston, TX) Neutral Ground (New Orleans, LA) Capitol Grill (Jackson, MS) P&H Cafe (Memphis, TN) Magnolia Bar (Louisville, KY) Terra Firma (Brooklyn, NY) The Way Station (Brooklyn, NY) Pat’s in The Flats (Cleveland, OH) PJ’s Lager House (Detroit, MI) Reggie’s Music Joint (Chicago, IL) Irving Theater (Indianapolis, IN) Evangeline’s Bistro & Music House (St. Louis, MO) The Tank Room (Kansas City, MO) Red Brick Bar (Norman, OK)